Our Giant Panda Project

Trevor has been working on the Wildlife Conservation belt loop for Cub Scouts. (A belt loop is the Cub Scout version of a Boy Scout's merit badge.) One of the requirements was for him to write a report about an endangered animal and include a picture. He chose to do his report about the giant panda.  He did an excellent job writing it and both of us learned a lot about pandas and the loss of habitat that threatens their existence in the wild.

Instead of drawing a picture, I asked him if he'd like to make a torn paper panda instead. He was intrigued. We started by gathering our supplies: cheap black and white construction paper, blue and green cardstock, q-tips, a bowl of water, glue and scissors.

To make the panda, dip the q-tip in water and "draw" the desired shape onto the construction paper. Trace it at least twice, or more times if you're using higher quality paper. In this case, the cheaper and thinner construction paper is better.  

While it is still wet, gently tear out the shape. The paper falls apart easily along the wet line.  

Continue using this technique to create all the body parts: a white body and black legs, arms, ears, eyes and nose.  Fold a small portion of the arms and legs back.

Place glue on just the folded part and glue the limbs behind the panda. Then glue the eyes and nose in place.  

Glue the body to blue cardstock, then glue the ears in place. Use scissors to cut bamboo from green cardstock and glue it to the panda.
Here is Trevor's finished panda. That's mine at the top of the post. Aren't they cute?! 

Trevor is presenting his report to his den tonight, the final requirement before he receives the Wildlife Conservation belt loop. I'm pretty sure the rest of the boys will love hearing his report and seeing his awesome panda.


  1. They are very cute! I love panda bears!!! Good luck to Trevor!!!

  2. Soooooooooooo cute and what a great idea for his report!!

  3. These bears turned out wonderfully. You both did a great job!

  4. Oh yes, they are adorable! :)

  5. Pandas are my favorite!!! :) This is super adorable!!!

  6. SO CUTE!! I love this art technique. I can remember doing this as a kid!! :)

  7. I just did this art with my preschoolers they loved it


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