Pumpkin Ninja

Here's an example of the creative freedom I was talking about yesterday.  This layout uses really old product and it is seasonally off (Halloween in March).  And neither of those matter!

A few fun facts about this layout:

1) I won or earned every single product used on this layout in various online giveaways and contests, except for the black cardstock.

2) The 'happy haunting' message on the embellishment was originally stark white, as were the letters on the 'carving a pumpkin' letters.  I darkened the embellishment with chalk ink and traced the letters with an orange Souffle pen.

3) Steve was on a business trip when Trevor and I carved this pumpkin.  He normally takes photos of the pumpkin carving process with his good camera, and I'm usually the one with gooey hands cleaning out the pumpkin.  With Steve gone, I was on photo duty and Trevor (who hates messy stuff) touched the pumpkin goo for the first time.  


  1. That's AWESOME!! I loveeeeeeeee his look in the photo on the right!! LOL!!! And loving the colors and the stars!!!!!

  2. You did an awesome job re-coloring the letters and embellishments! You'd never know they started off white! Trevor's face is priceless - he did a fantastic job on his Ninja Pumpkin! :)

  3. Totally cute. Love the way you used and arranged the different size photos.

  4. The creative freedom is totally WORTH it!!! Love, love, love this layout!!! :)

  5. Haha...love the fun facts!
    Glad you got to use your older stash...I'm also furiously using them on challenge layouts!


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