Bunny Magnet (Bunny Week, Day 1)

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Bunny Week, here at My Creative Life!  All week long, I'll be sharing rabbit-related projects and information.  As I said last year, it's like Shark Week, but fuzzier.  

Last year's Bunny Week topics included four crafts and FAQ about owning a House Rabbit:

This year, I'm starting off Bunny Week with a Bunny Magnet for the fridge.

Materials: ice cream paddle spoon, white paint, white and pink cardstock or construction paper, googly eyes, small pink pom pom, and a magnet.  You'll also need scissors, glue and a black pen.

Start by painting the ice cream paddle spoon white and letting it dry.  While it is drying, cut out two ears, a tail, and thin whiskers from white cardstock.  Cut inner ears from pink cardstock. Glue the inner ears to the outer ears, then glue them into place.  Draw a mouth, then glue the whiskers, nose and eyes into place.  Glue the magnet and the tail to the back.

That's my version at the top of the post.  I made it while Trevor was at school, then left the supplies out for him to make one when he got home.  It's always interesting when I provide him with a sample to see whether he'll make one that looks just like mine or go his own direction. He only made one change this time.  Instead of cutting thin strips of cardstock to make the whiskers, he cut pieces of monofilament.  A good improvement, as it is both easier and looks better.  Here's Trevor's Bunny Magnet:

They look awesome on the fridge.  You'll have to take my word for it, as they photographed terribly against the reflective black surface.  

Return each day this week for more bunny crafts and information as Bunny Week continues!


  1. Sooooooooooo cute!! I love bunny week!!!!!

  2. YAY for Bunny Week! So much fluffier and bouncier than Shark Week! :) Super cute magnets - I'm a sucker for googly eyes, though! :)

  3. I love bunny week - those magnets are too cute!! :)


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