Bunny Popcorn Cups (Bunny Week, Day 3)

People ask me where I get the ideas for my projects.  Sometimes I don't know - ideas just pop into my head all the time and I don't know why or how.  Other times, I know exactly what inspired an idea.  Such is the case with my Bunny Popcorn Cups.

I saw these adorable Snowman Popcorn Cups at Creative Kid Snacks:


.... and I knew right away that I wanted to make a rabbit version.  

Materials: clear plastic cup, white and pink craft foam, googly eyes, pink Jelly Belly, monofilament or white cardstock, a white pom pom, scissors, black craft foam or a Sharpie, and a hot glue gun. And popcorn, of course.

Begin by cutting ears from craft foam.  Make whiskers from thin strips of cardstock (like I did above) or from monofilament (like Trevor did below).  Cut a mouth from black craft foam (like I did above) or draw a mouth with a Sharpie (like Trevor did below).  Heat up the glue gun and attach the ears to the inner rim of the cup, then add the eyes, whiskers, nose, mouth (if using craft foam), and pom pom tail.  Fill with popcorn for a tasty treat.

I should clarify that popcorn is a treat for humans, not for rabbits.  I've seen videos of people giving popcorn to rabbits and they seem to love it, but popcorn is not safe for them.  Appropriate treats for rabbits include tiny amounts of dried fruits (Trouble especially loves raisins and Craisins), fresh fruits (banana, apple, peach, etc), and sweet vegetables (carrots).  Check out the House Rabbit Society's food page for excellent information about exactly what to feed rabbits to keep them healthy and happy. 

Speaking of healthy and happy rabbits, I was working upstairs the other day and heard Trouble doing a Super Run so I grabbed the camera and raced to the stairs to try to catch it on video.  I missed the Super Run and instead got to watch him go from sitting to lounging.  It's pretty cute.  He does it all the time, but I've never managed to record it before.


  1. Loveeeeeeee the popcorn bunnies!!!! Maybe Brookie and I will make something similar for Easter this year!! :)

  2. Bunny week is so much fun! Trouble is a hoot to watch. Thanks so much for sharing your bunny's awesomeness with us. To answer your question... It was 2010. She was 6. Doesn't seem so long ago, but she's turning 10 next month. I didn't finish the journaling before I took the photos.

  3. Very cute cups! :) Does Trevor ever get to take Trouble to Show & Tell at school or the Cub Scouts? I would think kids would be very interested in learning more about bunnies, and getting to pet one. I've learned so much from you, and love seeing the videos! :)

    1. No, taking Trouble somewhere with lots of kids crowding around would be really stressful for him. Trevor talks about him a lot, and his friends get to meet him when they come to our house.


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