Upcycled Bunny (Bunny Week, Day 2)

You know you're a crafter when you see this:

And your mind immediately goes to this:

Trevor did some volunteer work awhile back and was given a flat of these Snapple Jelly Bellies as a thank-you.  I've been saving the empty containers to hold all sorts of small items, like sequins and brads.  To make the bunny, I started by removing the label from the container (it peels off easily, leaving a perfectly clear container behind).  Then I dumped out the Jelly Bellies from two different Snapple containers, mixed them, and refilled the container with the mix.  I gathered my materials: white felt, a pink ink pad, a white pom pom, googly eyes, monofilament, a Sharpie, scissors, and the glue gun.  

I started by cutting out outer ears, inner ears, and a nose from white felt.  If I had had pink felt at home, I would have used that for the inner ears and nose, but I didn't, so I used pink ink to tint the relevant pieces.  Using Trevor's idea from yesterday's craft, I cut pieces of monofilament for the whiskers.  I drew the mouth in place, then used hot glue to attach the whiskers, nose, eyes, ears and pom pom tail.  Here is a full Snapple container side-by-side with the completed bunny:

Return tomorrow for Day 3 of Bunny Week!


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