Mythbusters Update... Sigh.

It's time for a Mythbusters update.  

First, a timeline....

May 2012: 
Steve and I are volunteers for a Mythbusters episode.  So much fun!  We're told that the episode will air in 3-5 months.  We can't wait!  It's killing us not to be able to talk about it.

September 2012: 
Discovery starts airing adds for the upcoming season of Mythbusters.  Our episode is among the previews and it looks awesome!

November 2012: 
Our episode has aired in Australia and the UK, but not in the US.  We learn that they've titled it "Plane Boarding." The season ends without our episode airing here.  We avoid looking online to learn the results of the experiment.

December 2012: 
Steve and I are contacted to apply to be volunteers for a second Mythbusters episode.  We have to send in photographs of ourselves and our cars.  Steve is accepted and I'm rejected.  We learn that "Plane Boarding" aired in the Netherlands.

January 2013: 
Steve films his segment and learns that it was my car that was rejected (as opposed to me being rejected).  The producer tells Steve they need more volunteers for a future filming date and tells him I can be a volunteer if I drive Steve's car instead of my own.  I happily agree.  Steve and I compare notes (as we're allowed to talk with other volunteers but no one else) and find out that we each did different experiments that will come together in one episode.  Our episode is supposed to air in 3-5 months.

September 2013:
It's now been 16 months since "Plane Boarding" was filmed and 8 months since the car episode was filmed.  Neither have aired in the US.  The fall previews begin airing and, once again, we "Plane Boarding" amongst the clips.

February 2014: 
Discovery airs a Season Finale.  Neither of our episodes aired this season.


     So, that brings us to now.  It has been 22 months since we filmed "Plane Boarding" and it has aired in three different countries.  We've seen it advertised on TV and on the website.  There is information about it on Wikipedia and the episode is available (illegally, I suspect) online.  It has been 14 months since we filmed the car episode.  We don't know what it's titled, we don't think it has aired anywhere, and we have never seen any footage of it amongst all the previews.

     Disappointing, to say the least.


  1. Another interesting note: Adam (I think) mentioned "Plane Boarding" as one of his favorite episodes in an interview about a year ago. Too bad we'll never see it.

    1. Here's the article:

  2. Oh Cindy, how frustrating, Can't imagine wanting so badly to see it aired and then NOTHING! Hope the frustration ends soon!

  3. Wow! How crazy! I wonder how many other shows are like this ... like if this is typical thing for reality-type shows?!? How frustrating ... I'm sorry this has been such a pain! :/

  4. :( not cool. Wonder why they haven't aired it???


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