Quilling with Friends

My friend Kristen is a librarian.  She recently asked me about teaching low-cost scrapbooking and/or crafting workshops at the library.  I immediately thought of quilling.  It's easy to learn, extremely inexpensive, requires very few materials, and is unfamiliar to most crafters.  It would be the perfect craft to teach.

Kristen had never heard of quilling, so I invited her and our friend Kelly over to my house for brunch and quilling.  I pulled out the materials from the quilling workshop I taught two years ago and we got started.  It literally took less than 5 minutes of instruction before they were off on their own, trying each shape and eventually putting them together to make quilled works of art. Quilling really is a great craft for beginners.

Kelly's first project was copying one of my sample pieces, one of the cupcakes you can see here. This is Kelly's:

Next Kelly made a cute flower:

Kristen started with a flower:

Next she made an angel:

I made an owl:

Both Kelly and Kristen loved quilling.  Yea!  Kelly commented on how relaxing it is.  I completely agree!  Kristen is gung-ho to have me teach a quilling workshop at the library, which sounds like great fun.  Local friends - I'll let you know when we have something scheduled if you'd like to join us!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh I loveeeeeeeee what everyone made!! I have always wanted to learn that!!!!!

  2. oh looks awesome
    love the little owl

  3. Very cool! That owl is super adorable! :)

  4. Quilling is so much fun! I love all the cute things you shared too -- you all made some really cute stuff!!! :)

  5. Ooooh...how fun are these! Quilling is so not my fave thing because I'm bad at it...maybe I don't have patience...lol

  6. Two new quillers off and running! I love the way giving quilling a try releases the creativity in a person, no matter their age. Cute projects and I'm sure your library classes will be just as successful!


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