A Card for Jordan

Have you ever heard of femoral derotation osteotomy surgery? I hadn't until last week, when I learned that my friend Heather's 10-year-old daughter, Jordan, would be undergoing this procedure. Jordan has cerebral palsy and this surgery should eventually allow her to walk correctly. During the surgery, the doctors will break both femurs, rotate them into the correct position, and insert rods and pins. The recovery process is long. 

Heather mentioned how much Jordan would love to receive handmade cards to open during her recovery. I wanted to send something uplifting, positive, and sparkly to put a smile on Jordan's face. I found a beautiful hot air balloon sticker, got out the Stickles, and painted them on to change the muted colors of the hot air balloon to bright and sparkly.  

I cut a sky blue card base, punched some clouds, and added the glittery hot air balloon.  

I know that Jordan and her family will appreciate any prayers and well-wishes for tomorrow's surgery and the long recovery process. If you would like to send Jordan a card or follow her recovery, you can find information on Heather's blog


  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this!!! Jordan will love this!!!!!!!

  2. GORGEOUS!! You are such a whiz at changing things up and making them into something extra special! I am always amazed at all you do! Thank you for being such a great inspiration! :)

  3. Beautiful card!
    Sending hope for a successful surgery and smooth recovery for Jordan.
    BTW - one of my friends has a son w/ cerebral palsy.

  4. Thank you so much Cindy! I know she is going to absolutely love it and I really appreciate you taking the time to make her such a gorgeous card!

  5. What a uplifting card....love the glitter!


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