The Cursive Project: Goose

For Letter G of The Cursive Project, Trevor chose to make a goose.  While I don't hate them the way I hate eels, I have had a distinctly negative opinion of geese since our 4th anniversary, when I was bitten by a goose at an otherwise very nice B&B.  We'd just checked in minutes before and the owner was showing us around.  A goose came running straight at me and bit a chunk out of my leg.  We did get first aid, upgrades, and a free future stay out of it, but my negative opinion of geese remains.  

Except Canada Geese.  They seem perfectly pleasant.  

After he did his Letter G cursive page, Trevor and I gathered our materials: cardstock (blue for the background, black and white for the goose), scissors, crayons, chalk, and adhesive.  

We began by looking carefully at a lot of photos of Canada Geese.  Then we each sketched our basic pattern on scratch paper: a oval for the body, a pointy oval wing, a long neck with a rounded head and straight beak, a white band around the head, and a pointy set of tail feathers. We cut our our patterns, made adjustments, then cut the pieces out of cardstock.  We used crayons to create feathers on the wings and tail, then glued the goose parts to the paper.  We used grey and blue chalks to add ripples and movement to the water.  Finally, we added a black eye.

Here's Trevor's goose:

This is mine: 

On to Letter H!


  1. Oh my gosh! I am really loving all these stories! That is really terrible though, I can't imagine getting bit! When I first moved back to OKC, I would always pass a pond near my parents house and notice the geese there. I thought it would be fun to take bread to them. They are MEAN and HATEFUL creatures!!!! And they can run FAST!!!! :) I had NO idea they would fight over bread, then turn on you when the loaf was gone, and chase you to your car for more, honking and flapping at you all the way! I can only imagine how scared you must have been! At least your pictures came out fantastic! I love the swirled water that Trevor did under his. Another great job! :)

  2. They turned out great!
    Sorry about the whole goose experience. Just didn't know they would attack unprovoked...I'll be sure to avoid them!

  3. I can see why you do not like geese. My cousins had 2 geese as pets until they started storming them and chasing my cousin up the clothes line pole!!!! I love both of your art work!

  4. Sorry about your geese experience. I can't imagine it. I study geese and have specific group that fly in and out of a city lake. They are exceedingly gentle creatures. They are territorial and chase each other but adore humans. I've stood in the middle of hundreds of geese and never been bitten or chased. They also don't have teeth.


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