More Instagram Questions

Thank you to all of you who answered my questions about Instagram a few weeks ago!  I've been on Instagram for just over a month and am just starting to feel comfortable with it.  Sort of.

On your advice, I'm no longer using the camera in Instagram itself, which helped a lot.  I still feel very limited using my phone to take pictures, compared to what my actual camera can do. I've taken a lot of photos that I've chosen not to post to Instagram because the quality was so bad compared to what I could have gotten on my camera.

I still have a bunch of questions, but I'll limit myself to two today.  First, I want to know about Instagram etiquette.  Every form of social media has its own quirks about what is considered ok and what is not.  For example, it is a breach of Instagram etiquette to constantly post but never comment on other people's photos?  What is considered an unacceptable post frequency?  (Like those people on Facebook who update their status every 15 minutes, all day long.)  What kinds of things are too trite to post?  I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  When I start something new like this, I'm reluctant to jump fully in for fear of committing some terrible gaffes.

Second question: privacy.  I make it a point not to announce vacations or other prolonged absences from the house here on the blog or on Facebook, as a public announcement to burglars that our house is empty seems unwise.  Yet, that seems like exactly what Instagram does.  What are your thoughts on this?

And, on a related topic, I remember hearing a long time ago concerns about Instagram geotagging every photo you take (and thus broadcasting your home address, workplace, etc to the world).  I *think* this is now an opt-in rather than an opt-out, but I'm not totally sure.  Is this something I should be worried about?

Thanks again for any and all advice you can give!


  1. These are great ????'s ... I will be checking back with you later to see what answers you get -- as I told you before, I am still an Instagram newbie :)

  2. IDK what the "rule" for #1 is but I'll tell you how I feel: I don't like it when people post lost of pictures of an event in one day. 1 or 2, maybe even 3, is okay...but anymore than that and it gets tiresome. Just pick your favorites and post those...we get the idea! LOL! Or better yet, make a collage of some of the pictures... that's where the photo collage apps I have mentioned before come in handy. If you still want to post 15 separate pictures of the same event, go right ahead but don't expect "likes" or comments on all of them. When that happens I usually will only pick 2 or 3 that I really like and "like" or comment on those; the rest I don't bother with. For different events, if they happen in the same day, go ahead and post a picture for each of them. 1 picture of 15 different events is better than 15 pictures of 1 event! And, speaking of events, you don't have to post EVERYTHING! That's one thing I don't like about social media, people document everything. And what I mean by that is "Hey everybody, look I'm eating breakfast" Ummm...everybody eats breakfast, so unless it's a special event breakfast or breakfast w/ people you don't normally get to see or at a place you have always wanted to eat at and your finally doing it, please don't post it. I know that sounds kinda harsh but, I think you get what I'm trying to say.
    Also, it's just good manners to at least "like" pictures of those who "like" and or comment on yours. If you don't you will find people will no longer take the time to do the same to you.
    #2 I have no problem posting real time pictures when I am on vacation.
    The reason being the people who know where I live I'm safe in thinking they won't be robbing me, and the people who might rob me probably aren't following me on FB or IG. Plus I have an alarm system and neighbors who watch our house when we are gone.
    #3 You can choose to add the geo tag on each picture as you post it. Just keep it "off" and just turn it on only when you are actually going to use it.
    Hope that helps!

  3. I treat it like my blog...I return visits and "like" their posts back on Instagram. I do leave comments on some. I hate it when people post relentlessly when they go on vacation because I see nothing but their photos on my feed...so irritating like the people on Facebook when they have one project and post it on every group page within minutes and all I see is the same project....FB does a crappy job of filtering that. I don't geotag my photos....because I usually post after I've left the place...lol
    Generally people on Instagram want to see pretty or cute things...click on the "explore" to see what is popular...that will give you an indication.

  4. Very helpful - thank you both! Any other input?

  5. I'm learning right along with you! These are great questions! :)


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