The Cursive Project: Kites

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For Letter K of The Cursive Project, Trevor chose "kite." Earlier this year, he made several different styles of actual kites in Cub Scouts, so I didn't want to repeat that. Instead, I suggested that we make some kite artwork.  

A few weeks ago, my friend Tanya sent me a huge box of awesome craft supplies she no longer needed with the instructions to use what we could and donate the rest. (Thanks again, Tanya!) I pulled out my cloud squeeze punch and a bunch of papers from Tanya's box and we got to work.  

To make my card, I punched three clouds, inked the edges slightly with a light blue, and glued them to a blue cardstock base. Then I cut kite shapes from three patterned papers, making one smaller than the others. I glued a tail of embroidery floss to the back of each, and then added three little rectangles of matching patterned paper along the floss. I glued the small kite down in the highest position, then used foam squares to attach the other two.

Trevor punched three clouds, glued one down, and used the foam square to attach the other two. Then he chose three polka dot patterns and cut kites in three different sizes. He added white embroidery floss to the back of each, then glued them to the card, tucking one under a cloud. He used blue embroidery floss to create wind blowing across his card.  

I love that we used the same elements in essentially the same places, but our projects are quite different from each other's.


  1. Oh YAY! :) These are SO cute! :) I have always liked that cloud punch! I thought it would be cute as a cupcake top, or ice cream, too! :)

  2. I tried to comment on these earlier, but the internet ate it! LOL I love these cards lots. I agree, it's neat to see how the two of you come up with different takes on the same supplies.

  3. So cute! I think I might get a cloud punch...lol


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