The Cursive Project: Javelin

We had a lot of fun with the homemade football in the backyard, so when it was time for Letter J of The Cursive Project, I was really excited to make a javelin. Trevor had all sorts of ideas for fun ways we could use it for more backyard games.

We gathered our materials: a long cardboard tube (that once held wrapping paper), newspaper, and tape.

We rolled a chunk of newspaper into a cone and added a piece of tape to hold it in place.  

We tested to be sure the cone would fit snugly over the end of the cardboard tube, which it did. (On the first try!)  We wrapped the whole cone with black gaff tape to strengthen it.

It looked like this when we were done.

We slid the tube into the cone and headed to the backyard.

We each did a few tosses to make sure it would hold together and sail straight.  It was perfect.

We set up one of Trevor's plastic rings on the far side of the lawn and aimed for it.  We earned a point when the tip of the javelin was inside the ring.

Trevor added more rings and assigned different point values to each color (including some that had a negative point value) to make the game more interesting.

I like this picture.  It's fun to see the javelin sailing out of the frame.

We played with the javelin for a good hour and it held up beautifully.  So much fun!


  1. You are so smart. You really need to get discovered! You have endless, inexpensive, fabulously creative ideas. You're like the Martha of the real world! A super fun craft for the letter J.

  2. I totally agree with Izzy's comment!!! I've thought this ever since I started following your blog, years ago! You are just amazing!

  3. You are so creative, and I agree with Izzy too! I love coming to your blog to see projects I can do for a little money that add up to a lot of fun!

  4. Fabulous. I love how your craft adventures always include a fun game!


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