The End of an Era

This photo was taken exactly 8 years ago on July 4, 2006. It marks a day that my life changed for the better.  

Trevor was 3.5 weeks old and I was completely overwhelmed. Nursing was not going well and Trevor was not gaining weight properly. I was worried. I was exhausted. And I was lonely. I didn't know any other local moms and I was home alone all day while Steve was at work. Motherhood was really, really hard.  

But at 10:00 am that July 4th, I nervously drove to the park, handed over my MOMS Club registration form and $20 check, and introduced myself to a bunch of strangers. Everyone was so kind and so welcoming. They knew exactly what I was going through. I felt an instant connection and couldn't wait to return to more MOMS Club events.  

Within a month, Trevor and I were attending literally every MOMS Club event. I joined the walking club, the book club, the goal-setting group, and every age of playgroup. I attended every meeting and every outing. Suddenly, I had plans 5 days a week and I had 50+ new friends who helped me through the struggles of new motherhood. They gave me physical items, like hand-me-downs, tons of advice, and the support and sense of community I desperately needed. It was more than I ever could have hoped for.

Within six months of joining MOMS Club, I became the playgroup coordinator for the Tiny Tots (age 0-18 months). That same month, we met Kylinn, who would become my goddaughter in 2011. Here are Kylinn and Trevor at a Whole Group activity at the park in April 2007.

My fellow MOMS, especially those with other Tiny Tots, quickly became among my closest friends. Here we are at the annual banquet in June 2007.

We did swim lessons together....

... had holiday parties...

... and had playgroup together every Monday without fail for six years.

But Trevor and I weren't just involved with our own playgroup. For years, Trevor and I continued to attend almost every MOMS Club activity. I served three years on the Executive Board (one year as Secretary and two as President), coordinated our monthly Family Saturday outings, and started MOMS Who Brunch three years ago.  

For the past year, I've realized that my time with MOMS Club would be coming to an end. School, Cub Scouts, and all of Trevor's other activities keep us from attending many activities. When we do attend, my 8 year old is not interested in playing with the infants and toddlers that dominate the group. I made the difficult and emotional decision not to renew my MOMS Club membership.  

For eight years, MOMS Club has been a huge part of my life. My fellow MOMS were there for me when I was a new mom who needed help, through all of Steve's layoffs, and through every struggle I've had. Over the years, Trevor and I have made literally hundreds of friends through MOMS Club. I feel very blessed. Obviously, our friendships will continue outside of MOMS Club, but I will be forever grateful to the organization that brought us together.


  1. What a great story! I love the pictures showing the kids growing along the way. It may be time for you to move on, but it is also time for another mom to find the group and take the reins you have held.

  2. What a great group ... I would have loved having a support group like that being a single Mom to Adam for his first eight years .... I know you have talked about them previously on your blog and totally understand why you aren't renewing, but glad to hear that many of your friendships will remain :)

  3. Cheers to new experiences!
    Glad you had a great support network when you were feeling lost. Love that you give your all when you join a club and always serve as a leader of sorts.You set a great example for your boy. And you must be very well-liked too. :)

  4. Oh wow! Sounds like it was a great group and "life saver" to you! Awesome that you had them!

  5. What a wonderful story!! I can just imagine the relief you felt when you were welcomed to the group as a brand new Mom! Better yet, I can also imagine how many new Moms you personally welcomed, and helped, and provided valuable guidance, advice and friendship. Even though it's time for you (and Trevor) to move on from this group, you'll most certainly be missed! I'm sure you will find the next group to grow into soon enough and another new adventure will begin! :)

  6. Wonderful photos and a terrific story behind them, Cindy! Oh joy!!!!!


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