The Cursive Project: Q-Tip Corn

For Letter C of The Cursive Project, Trevor chose to make corn.  We're growing corn in our backyard and he checks on it every day, hoping it's ready to eat.  So I wasn't surprised that corn was on his mind!

To make your own corn craft, you need: yellow and green cardstock, paint in various shades of yellows and browns, q-tips, scissors, and craft glue.

Begin by sketching a corn shape on a piece of yellow cardstock.  Squirt some yellow and brown paints onto your Frisbee (i.e., paint palette).  Dip the q-tip into the paints, mixing shades as desired.  Stamp the paint onto the cardstock, following the shape of the corn.

Continue until the whole shape is filled with kernels.

Cut out the corn, then add paper leaves cut from green cardstock.  You can leave them as is, or bend them back.  That's Trevor's ear of corn on the left and mine on the right.

I couldn't resist photographing them perched on our actual cornstalks.  

I should mention that Trevor laughed when I gave him the Letter C cursive worksheet.  There isn't much difference between a cursive C and a print C!  He'll appreciate the easy day after seeing what a capital D looks like in cursive.  That's always tricky for kids to learn.


  1. Yeah D isn't an easy one!! LOVING the corn!! So fun!!!

  2. Love the pic of the "paper" corn in your actual garden!

  3. I love your paint palette! So much fun to start! And the corn project is absolutely adorable and looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this with all of us, Cindy!

  4. How fun! LOVE how you photographed them with the real plant!


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