Well, Now I Know...

Before continuing on to Letter I of The Cursive Project, I wanted to share a recent craft fail of mine.  I own a really comfy pair of flip flops that I like, but the pattern was wearing off the toes and heels.  Here's the "before" picture:

I use Sharpies to touch up scuffs on shoes all the time, so I figured I could use a Sharpie to draw the pattern back in, and my flip flops would be good as new.  Ten minutes later, they looked like this:

Yea!  Good as new!  Or not, as it turns out.

I ended up waiting about a week before wearing them to Trevor's baseball game and dinner afterward.  When I got home, I noticed this:

Darn.  Well, now I know to limit my Sharpie-shoe-touchups to the OUTSIDE of shoes, and not the part that touches my feet.  Lesson learned.


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