The Cursive Project: Llama

Letter L of The Cursive Project couldn't have fallen at a better time. Trevor chose "llama" for Letter L, his godmother Jonna owns a llama, and she (Jonna, not the llama) would be coming to our house on the very day we were scheduled to make a llama craft! I asked Jonna for llama craft ideas and she said she could do a llama draw-along. Perfect!

First, we looked at pictures of Jonna's llama. Meet Leia. 


Time to draw a llama! I snapped a very quick picture of each step as I drew, so please forgive the poor photo quality. I also zoomed inconsistently, which makes the first steps appear larger than they should. Sorry about that.

Step 1: Draw two large raindrops next to each other. These are the legs. 

Step 2: Draw horizontal lines to connect the raindrops and form the llama's body.

Step 3: Add a downward curving tail and flat ovals for feet.

Step 4: Add a neck and head, positioned directly over the front teardrop. The top lip protrudes over the bottom lip.

Step 5: Add ears that point up and forward.

Step 6: At this point, you can add an eye and erase any extra guidelines. Instead, we cut out our llamas and used them as tracers to cut llamas from cardstock. 

This is my llama: 

Here is Trevor's. 

This is Jonna's. She added a dark patterned paper to the feet and ears to give them some definition. 

I love how they turned out. Our llamas are just the right size to use as a card, so now we have some cool llama cards to send! 


  1. Too cute! I love them!
    And llamas themselves are such goofy-ly cute animals!
    I love that movie "The Emperor's New Groove" partly because they changed him into a llama; that was an unusual animal to choose!

  2. I think these are awesome!!! Brandon loves to draw, but not color. I never thought to have him draw on construction paper or cardstock. Then it'll already be the color he wants and he can cut it out. I swear, I had a scrapbooker memory lapse. LOL

  3. How cute!! There is a big pasture across from our house, and our neighbor has two llamas that roam around with his cows and donkeys out there. Our mailbox is on that side of the road, so occasionally they will all be hanging around under the trees nearby. I always try to sneak up to the fence to get a better view, but they hear or smell me coming and run off! :)


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