Camp Emerald Bay

Last year, Trevor's Scout troop went to summer camp on Catalina Island at Camp Emerald Bay. They had a full day's drive and then spent the night on the USS Iowa before taking the ferry to the island. At camp, Trevor earned three merit badges (Environmental Science, Pioneering, and Mammal Study), tried ocean kayaking for the first time, and paddled a war canoe with his friends and spent the night on the beach. He had a great time. 

Camp Emerald Bay (affiliate link)

As usual, there were so many great pictures that I had a hard time narrowing them down for the layout. I ended up with 9 photos that best represent all that Trevor did. I made sure that all the Scouts in his troop were pictured. I adhered the photos to brown background paper, added a spot for journaling, and put the title in the open space in the scenery picture at the top left. Then I added all the cute stickers and embellishments from Paper House Productions' Great Outdoors collection. The layout was a bit top-heavy, so I added two strips of washi tape along the bottom to ground everything. If you look closely, you can see that I added the names of all the Scouts on the trip in the orange/white washi below the photo of the USS Iowa. I'm very happy with the finished layout. 


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