Fun with Food!

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that there is a new tab on my site called FUN WITH FOOD. When you click it, it takes you to a landing page that gives me a place to organize everything food-related on my blog. I've added my Edible Crafts to this tab, along with five other categories. Four of them aren't done yet (going through all my old posts - over 2100 of them - is a huge job), but one is. Recipes from United States History is live.

I've divided the recipes into three categories: Native Americans and Early European Exploration; Colonial America and the Revolutionary War; and Expansion, Civil War, and the Industrial Revolution. I might add more, but for now those are the recipes I've posted since those are the broad categories covered in fifth grade.

While I'm very happy to have all the recipes in one place, I'm cringing at the photography. I'm not a great photographer even under the best of circumstances, but taking a quick snapshot in a dark classroom with 32 kids clamoring for samples leads to some pretty lousy photos. If/when I make these recipes again at home, I'll take the time to redo the photos.


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