Spread Kindness Like Confetti

"Spread kindness like confetti." What a great way to go through life! This quote jumped out at me from the new Kindness Matters Coloring Book by Leisure Arts (affiliate link here and throughout the post) and so I decided to put it on a Plaid Wood Canvas Panel.  

To make your own, start by priming the canvas with white gesso. Brush it all over with Folk Art Hologram Extreme Glitter. When the canvas is dry, tear the page from the coloring book and scribble on the back with a charcoal pencil. Regular pencil works too. 

Carefully position the coloring book page inside the canvas, then trace over the design. Peek to make sure it is transferring. 

Now it's time for color! Use paints, paint pens, or Sharpies to color in the design. 

Use a kneaded eraser to remove any pencil marks or smudges. Then punch a bunch of confetti from colored cardstock and arrange it on the canvas. 

Now pull out the stylus from a Diamond Art kit. While you're at it, gather your extra Diamond Dotz. You'll be using those! Pick up a confetti (confetto?) with the stylus, add a dot of craft glue, and replace the confetti. 

Add coordinating Diamond Dotz to each confetti, using the same technique of picking one up with the stylus, adding a dot of glue, then placing it in the glue. It's hard to capture the sparkle, but the whole thing so glittery and shiny!

But, as sparkly as it is, there's one thing it still needs... more glitter! Use Folk Art Glitterific Paint to bring it to maximum bling. I used my finger to dab on a coat of green, let that dry, then went over the top with hot pink.

I wish you could see this sparkle in the light. 

I need to find a special place to put this where it will inspire others to spread kindness like confetti. 


  1. I love love love love this! LOVING that quote and the fun colors!!!!

  2. How fun are those colours! LOVE the quote!


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