Pastor Karen

I briefly mentioned the installation for our church's long-awaited new pastor in this post about the S'mores Casserole I brought to the potluck that followed the service. It was a wonderful day. Our congregation celebrated with at least a dozen local pastors from various congregations as well as and Pastor Karen’s family. She gave Trevor a role in the service as book bearer. He did a great job, though I don’t think the officiant had expected the person holding the Bible for her to be so short! 

Pastor Karen (affiliate link)

I used the same collection from Chickaniddy Crafts that I did to scrap about saying farewell to our Interim Pastor Tim. I thought that was a fun parallel. The two layouts look quite different and I love them both. Just like Pastor Karen and Pastor Tim - quite different and I love them both.


  1. Love this! LOVING how you added the calendar!!!!

  2. Nicely done. Love the addition of the calendar. :)


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