Iowa 2017

Another page with goodies from Paper House Productions! This is from our June 2017 trip to Iowa

Iowa 2017 (affiliate link)

After narrowing our Iowa photos down from hundreds to nine, I was left with a grid of pictures but no place for a title or journaling. My solution was to use the sky in the upper left photo for a title. I cut the heart sticker in half, centered it behind the "Discover" sticker, and added letter stickers to spell Iowa. I wrote the journaling on a piece of white cardstock I cut into an arrow shape, then layered it over the right center photo. I put the date below the bottom center to complete the visual triangle. It was missing something; the heart sticker on the upper right photo was the perfect finishing touch for this very simple, photo-heavy page.


  1. Nice! Your grid layouts remind me a lot of Project Life Layouts. Just like w/ Project Life layouts, there is no need to add too many embellishments... though I try to add as much as I can, LOL! But there's also the drawback of space limits. You made it work though! I love when there's enough negative space in a photo to add a title and/or journaling! Great BG color choice!

  2. Nicely done. Love how many photos you used and how you incorporated the journaling too.

  3. Love love love this!!! Great photos you chose!


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