Gallery Glass Removable Drink Identifiers

When we host a party with disposable cups, I put a Sharpie by the cups for everyone to write their names on their cups. When we host a party with wine glasses, we use wine charms (affiliate link here and throughout the post). But when we host a party with stemless, non-disposable glasses, we just hope that no one mixes up their glasses. Until recently! Now I have a sure-fire way for guests to identify their glasses. 

Remember the Gallery Glass sun catchers I made? When guests come to your house, just ask them to peel their favorite sun catcher off the window and stick it to their glass! Brilliant! (If I do say so myself.)

You can also make removable bands to go around the glasses. It's just a matter of putting dots of Gallery Glass Window Color onto Stencil Blanks, letting it dry, then peeling it up and wrapping it around a glass. 

I had a lot of fun experimenting with using different tool with Gallery Glass Window Color. Can you guess what common household item I used to make these?

 If you said a plastic fork, you're right! Just put random globs of Gallery Glass Window Color onto the Stencil Blanks....

... then drag a fork through it until you're happy with the pattern. Let it dry, peel it up, then wrap it around the glass!

In case you were worried, Gallery Glass is non-toxic. So while I wouldn't recommend eating it, there is no danger to decorating the outside of a glass with it. 

So what else can you do with Gallery Glass? You can cut dried pieces with scissors, dies, or punches to get fun shapes! Just spread some on the stencil blank, let is dry, peel it up, and cut. I used Fiskars Squeeze Punches for the stars and hearts below. 

You might be concerned that these might be difficult to remove from the glass. That worried me at first. I tried leaving them on for three days, near a sunny window, and the Gallery Glass peeled right off. I haven't had any trouble removing it from my windows either. It's a really neat product.

The possibilities are endless! Imagine a Halloween party where you and the kids make tons of bats, ghosts, pumpkins, black cats, and whatever else to decorate the windows. As guests come, they peel off their favorite and attach it to their glass. When they're done with the glass for the evening, peel off the shape and stick it back on the window. Fun stuff, Gallery Glass!


  1. I agree - brilliant! I want to make one the next time I'm over so I can keep track of my glass whenever I visit!

  2. What a clever idea!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  3. These look great! Even on non-disposables. :)


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