Scrapping the California Cookie

Remember when Trevor and I asked some of his friends to join us in creating a potential State Cookie for California? It was so much fun. And now the memory is forever preserved in the album. 

California Cookie (affiliate link)

The layout design started with a mistake. When I order photo prints, I want the originals, not the ones that I watermark before putting them on my blog. But I accidentally printed the watermarked version of the plates of cookies. Sigh. 

I was determined to make it work. After trying a bunch of different things, I came across the die cut of California I'd received in my VIP goodie bag at Pinners Conference. It covered up the watermark perfectly. I added the letter stickers and heart to finish the title. Having the title so high made the layout unbalanced, but I couldn't lower it without the watermark showing. Inspiration struck and I took a (faux) bite out of the bottom to help balance the page. 


  1. I love the use of the bite! That's so clever!

  2. This is AWESOME! LOVING the CA tag, the bite, the photos ... just LOVE it all!!!!!

  3. You are a stickler for details. It worked out well...:)


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