The Reason for Scrapbooking

I was hesitant to share this layout here because it barely counts as scrapbooking. Literally all I did was glue our 2017 Christmas card in the center of a piece of patterned paper, add a strip of black cardstock, and stick on a die-cut snowflake. It took 2 minutes, tops.

Christmas 2017 (affiliate link)

But I did decide to share it. Why? Because it IS scrapbooking. There's no title, there's no journaling, there's no artistic arrangement of elements, and there's just one lonely embellishment. (I did design the Christmas card myself, so I guess there's that.) But none of those are mandatory in scrapbooking. My reason for scrapbooking is to record our family's memories. Most of the time, I choose to do that in an artistic manner because I love playing with paper and experimenting with design. But ultimately, I want our scrapbooks to trigger memories and document our lives. Bonus points if the pages turn out looking great.

What's your reason for scrapbooking?


  1. I say this counts as scrapbooking most definitely, and I love it! Also same! I used to get sad when I realized my pages would never be as fancy as some others I see. I even went through a phase where I tried to copy those more "artistic" styles... but those pages were never pages I truly loved because they weren't me! I noticed my simpler style is what made me happy as an artist and the most happy when I flipped through my albums. Documenting the memories is the most important thing to me, playing w/ paper and embellishments is just a bonus!

  2. I love this!! I have pages like this too, and I do it because I want Adam and Brookie to have them in the future! :)

  3. Looks fab. You do you. Scrapbooking doesn't need to be complicated or consist of certain fixed elements. Scrapbooking is a great way to look back at past family events/memories...you know mine are always humour-based so people are usually smiling when they flip the albums.


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