Crafts of My Childhood: God's Eyes

I remember making a lot of God's Eyes as a kid.  We made them at every day camp or overnight camp I attended, at VBS and Sunday School, and as the craft after meetings.  Looking back, I can see why they were popular with adults- they're very easy to make, the materials are cheap, you don't need table space, and there's no mess to clean up afterward!  I hadn't made a God's Eye in at least 25 years, so it was obviously time to revisit this craft.

I dug yarn and popsicle sticks out of the craft closet.  Trevor was so excited he could hardly stand it.  It doesn't matter what the craft is, he LOVES it.  The weather was so beautiful that we decided to craft in the backyard.  I showed Trevor what to do and he caught on quickly.  However, getting his hands to do what his mind was telling him was tricky.

 He was very focused on the God's Eye.  I had to help him quite a bit, but I was impressed with how well he did.

He was so proud of his finished God's Eye.  He put it in the grass and asked me to take a picture so I could remember it forever.  Cute!

Of course, I made one too.  Trevor happily snapped photos of me as I worked.


Here's my finished God's Eye.

As I was cleaning up the yarn, I noticed that my God's Eye perfectly matched the bearded iris in our yard.  Neat!

I definitely see more God's Eyes in our future.

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  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog Cindy! I do have a relaxing NSBD and Mother's Day planned. I asked to go out to breakfast on Saturday to beat the rush and then to have the rest of the day to scrap!

    I think both of your God's Eyes came out beautiful. I love that you spend so much time crafting for and with your son!


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