We have a winner!

Congratulations Sheena!  You correctly guessed that the fabric on the Mother's Day card was from a clown costume my mom sewed for me.

Here I am in kindergarten, Halloween 1977:

And here's the card I made from the same fabric:

There is now a comment from my mom on the original post.  She tried several times to post a comment on her own, then gave up and emailed me the correct answer.  Of course, that didn't count- the point was to see how long it would take her to figure out how to comment.  She told me that she was never going to figure it out on her own.  Once I saw Sheena's correct answer, I helped Mom set up an account, then showed her what to do.  

Sheena, I owe you lunch!

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  1. cindy, you look too cute! I am glad you took pity on your mom and helped her out so she can post now :)


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