Crafts of my Childhood: Spirograph

Anyone else have Spirograph as a kid?

I LOVED it.  I thought it was so cool.  I spent countless hours copying the designs on the box and creating designs of my own.  I had a folder where I kept my favorite Spirograph creations, organized by which shape I'd used.  I wish I still had it, if only to take a picture.   

Fortunately, my mom kept Spirograph.  The pens are gone, but otherwise the set is in good shape.  What a flood of memories when she brought it to me!  Trevor and I tried it out.  He liked it, but struggled with many of the shapes. 

I also had difficulties!  I'd forgotten how challenging some of the shapes can be.  I suppose I could blame the pens, as we were using an assortment of gel pens instead of the official Spirograph pens, but I'm guessing that's it's simply a matter of practice.
Here's one of the better designs I did.  Plenty of mistakes, but just as cool as ever.

What a blast from the past! 


  1. OMG! I wanted my own set just like yours! I remember only having a few pieces, never a box!

  2. I kept my Super Spirograph all these years. Now I use fine-tip felt pens, and they're awesome. Easier, smoother, they dry quicker so don't smear like the gel pens and they don't tear up the paper like the ballpoints. I made a website about it: http://spirographicart.com/

    1. Thanks for the tip! I enjoyed checking out your site!

    2. Great! I'll be adding more stuff to it as I have time, including how-tos and surprises, so keep an eye on it. And keep practicing!


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