Got Water?

The second NSD Fiskateer challenge I tackled was called "Got Water?".  The instructions said to make a project using water, such as watercolor pencils or watercolor paints.  I decided to use the technique I learned in Marie Browning's Tombow Certification class at CHA. 

It could not be easier.  Simply take a white paper flower (these are by Prima):

Using waterbased pens, color on the flowers.  Leave white showing through.  Try using two or more colors to get more interesting results.

Use a spray bottle of water to mist the flowers.  You'll see the colors start to run and blend.  Keep spritzing.  You want the flowers to be completely soaked.  At first it may appear as if you haven't added enough ink.  Give it time.  The colors will continue to blend for awhile.

It is best to let the flowers dry untouched.  Since I was doing this for a challenge, I didn't have the luxury of time.  I left them alone for about an hour, then used my hairdryer to complete the drying process.  The flowers are fragile when they're wet, so be very careful if you have to resort to using a hairdryer.  Once they were dry, I layered them and added a glittery brad.

I love the way it turned out.  This will be the perfect embellishment to add to a card.

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  1. Wow! The after photo is quite a change from before wetting the flower. Turns out quite amazing.


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