Tissue Paper Flowers

I made this layout for one of Scrapbook.com's National Scrapbook Day challenges.

The assignment was to watch this video about creating a distressed paper flower using a Gluber, make one of your own, then use the finished flower on a layout.  The distressed look is not my style and I don't own Glubers, so I made my own version of the flower.

I decided to use tissue paper instead of regular patterned paper, as I wanted a fluffier, softer look.  I cut pink tissue paper into strips.  Then I punched a circle out of plain white cardstock and used a tape runner to cover one side of it with adhesive.  Using one strip of tissue paper, I placed the end onto the outer edge of the circle.  I folded it back over itself to pleat it, turning as I continued.

When I completed the circle, I cut off the extra tissue paper and tucked the exposed end underneath the previous pleat to hide it.

I carefully applied more adhesive over the center, took a second strip of tissue paper, and repeated the process.  This time I kept the tissue paper in the center instead of out by the edge.  When that was done, I added more adhesive and took a third strip of tissue paper to make one more small circle in the center.  I only had 8 pleats that time.

I poked a hole in the center to experiment with using brads for my flower center.  I couldn't find one that I liked, so I changed the plan.  I punched a small circle, spread glue all over it, and carefully smoothed a piece of tissue paper over it.  I put glue on the back and folded the extra tissue paper under to make clean edges.  Finally, I spread a thin layer of Stickles on the front.  Since the layout had to be done, scanned, stitched, uploaded, and linked within 2 hours, I had absolutely no time to let the Stickles dry, so I went straight to my hairdryer.  I used a pair of tweezers to hold it steady while blasting it on the high setting.  When it was dry, I attached it to the center of my flower.

I threw my layout together and added the flower.  It looked really good, but the layout needed a little something more.  I had a few minutes left, so I started one more flower.  I only did the two outer layers, then I sliced the whole thing in half with the paper cutter.  I tucked the flower halves under the edges of the black paper.  The unfinished center isn't visible.  Notice that the three flowers form a visual triangle on the layout.

These flowers were so fun and easy!  I can definitely imagine making these to decorate the fronts of cards and gift bags, perfectly coordinated with the tissue paper inside.


  1. I really love those flowers. I also really like how you formed a visual triangle with them to lead the eye around the page. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  2. Love that you did a tissue paper flower layout for the craft party, where we made ... tissue paper flowers! :)


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