Channeling Weird Al

Ready for another look at some of the stuff I found in my childhood closet?  This time, it's all the spirit songs I wrote when I was a camp counselor.  (Here's the first post if you missed it.)

In 1989, our camp theme was Extinct Animals and I was in charge of the Moas (along with my partner Noel).  

Noel wasn't particularly enthusiastic about writing Moa-themed songs, but my friend Nancy and I certainly were.  We wrote 9 different songs about Moas.  Two of them were based on Madonna songs (!) 

 We wrote two separate songs using the Flintstones theme:

My favorite is the one that used the theme from Rawhide.  Unfortunately, very few of our campers knew the theme from Rawhide, so as far as cheer songs go, it was a bust.
 In 1990, the camp theme was Ocean Animals.  Scott and I were in charge of the Dolphins.  
This song based on "Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys" still cracks me up.

I'm not sure where the chart from my 1988 Scorpio tribe went.  Hopefully it turns up.  I remember that we had some pretty awesome Scorpio-themed songs.

Were any of you camp counselors?  Did you make up wacky songs like these?  Ah, memories! 


  1. So funny ... isn't it great looking back at these memories! :)

    Since I for some silly reason, can't post a reply to your comment from yesterday on my blog ... I had someone in mind when I made the album, but may end up giving it out as a prize in the near future! :)

  2. What fun! I remember part of the song we wrote for Sea Horses--must have been 1990 since you were bashing us in your song... ;-) It was sung to the tune of "Fish Heads" from the Dr. Demento show: Sea Horse, Sea Horse, Mighty mighty Sea Horse, Sea Horse, Sea Horse, Knight of the Sea. Unfortunately, few other people knew the song so it was a bit of a bust, too.

  3. So awesome looking back at your childhood creations!! LOVE IT!!!!


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