Crafts of My Childhood: Muppet Prestofix

Look!  It's one of my absolute favorite toys from approximately 1979 - Muppet Prestofix!  So fun uncovering another item from the depths of my childhood closet.  

It came with a variety of plastic tiles in different sizes and shapes (1600 pieces, according to the box).

I can remember spending hours and hours and hours playing with this.  I was surprised and happy to see that some of the designs I made as a kid were still in the box all these years later.  The kit came with instructions to make all the Muppet characters.  Here's Scooter:

I saved some of my original designs too.  Like just about every 7 year old girl in 1979, I loved rainbows.

And here's the rain that goes with the rainbow:

Trevor couldn't wait to give this a try.  I'm predicting many fun hours of building and creating together. 

For you parents, have you been able to pass your childhood toys down to your kids?  Any in particular that have stood the test of time?  


  1. How FUN!!!!! Can't wait to see what Trevor makes!!! I actually had an old Monopoly that finally gave out when Adam was about 10....

  2. Wish I had preserved some from my childhood. In essence, some games are the same. My kids are playing a ToyStory version of Snakes&Ladders and a Disney Princesses' take on Monopoly. My dad got a building set called Mechanix for my son because he had a similar one in the 1950s. TFS, Cindy!

  3. Love these pics. I'm so impressed that you have not only the game but your old designs too!

  4. I have the muppet one and just bought the disney one on ebay a couple weeks ago. As an adult I still find myself playing with it!


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