My Childhood Love of Miniatures

When I was 12, I made a dollhouse.  It was a 4-H project, taught by my friend Colleen's mom.  We each built a basic house out of wood during the first meeting, then spent the rest of our meetings making furniture and other things to fill the house.  

I certainly wasn't playing with dolls at age 12 (I didn't play with dolls even at the age when everyone else was), but I was obsessed with miniatures.  I loved making itty-bitty things.  I spent massive amounts of my free time making smaller versions of stuff.  (I am still in love with miniatures.  Remember the results from my Etsy Taste Test?)

While cleaning out my childhood closet, I came across some of the furniture from my old dollhouse.  And I have to say, the 40-year old me is TOTALLY impressed with the 12-year old me!  Here's a fireplace I made from construction paper, white glue, and gravel.    

I love this vanity.  I built the base with scraps from my dad's woodshop and scavenged the switchplate cover and screws from the garage.  (Remind me to do a post sometime about my amazingly talented dad who takes DIY to extremes.  Suffice it to say that his garage and shop are well-stocked with whatever a 12-year old trying to build miniatures could need.)  

The faucet is the top from a mechanical pencil!  I feel strange praising myself, but... awesome job, 12-year old Cindy!

When you lift the top off the base, you can see how I made the sink.  

Here's a cross-stitched clock for the wall.

I made chairs from popsicle sticks.

I don't know why my dollhouse had old-school flour and sugar bags, but they're awfully cute.

This didn't quite stand the test of time, but it's still a pretty cool chest of drawers.  

It's 4 matchbooks glued together, then wrapped with woodgrain contact paper.  

Here's my dining room table and chairs.

I spent a long time sculpting teensy food out of Fimo.  This is all that remains.  I'm not sure why this family keeps a popsicle on their tablecloth though. 

Two buttons glued together make a cake stand. 
And there was a vase that coordinated with each room.

Great.  Now I'm in the mood to make miniatures!  I do NOT need another craft right now!


  1. You are simply AMAZING!!! I loveeeeeeeee the miniatures you made!! That sink with the electric plate is AWESOME!!!!!

  2. You know, there's a miniature category at the fair!

  3. All such adorable creations-- love the chair!

  4. I'm impressed also.... wow love what you did at such a young age. They had some great ideas for you. Cindy I have always loved miniatures also and did a large doll house for my daughter when she was 6. It's in the attic and she's already talking about taking it in 3-4 years for her daughter...I see a remodel in the future though...have a good weekend.

  5. What little treasures! Love that sink! Back in my childhood days, I made shell toilets that would go perfectly with all your minis!

  6. Oh my goodness how very cool! I love all of the special treasures you made and I think it's so neat that your parents kept them all this time!

    Thank you so much for playing along with the Scraptastic Club blog hop! I really appreciate your stop on my blog.

  7. These are all great, but that sink? AWESOME. So creative to use a switchplate cover. Love it!

  8. Oh Cindy! I love miniatures, too!!!! I swooned over my girlfriends doll house that was decorated to the "T" with all home-made goodies!!!!! Thanks for sharing!


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