Using Old Scraps and Bits

I've been going through my scraps recently, moving the small pieces to Trevor's art supply area.  I've been trying to use the larger items.  Here's an example:  

(Based on Shannon Zickel's "Eli Eli Oh")

This is Trevor with his kindergarten teacher on the last day of school.  Everything on this layout is at least 6 years old.  The letters, tags and background patterned paper are all from a (very old) kit.  As you might have noticed, there were no o's left, so I had to use circles.  The other patterned papers were all small scraps.  I used another scrap to cut out the apple.

It's amazing how good it feels to use up scraps.  It also feels pretty good to get those kindergarten pictures scrapped.


  1. Beautiful!! LOVING the colors and the paper strips!!!!

  2. Even though I've still been buying paper, I've been making a big effort to use what I already have ... especially all the papers and products that I've hoarded for years! :) Great job!

  3. Yes I know what I mean about using those scraps-- so creatively you have used them!
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  4. Love the paper strips. And the creative 'o's. :)

  5. This is not only a great design for scraps. It is a great design! Great page.


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