Kylinn at Six

As promised, here is the layout of my goddaughter Kylinn at 6.   

And here is the coordinating card.  

I had a heck of a time making this layout.  Ellia's came together quickly and easily, but this one was quite the struggle.

The problems started with the picture.  Kylinn's mom Courteney emailed me the picture she wanted me to use.  As I always do when I need to complete a layout but don't have a hard copy of the photo yet, I printed out a quick copy on ordinary paper using our home printer (which is not a photo printer).  It looked like Kylinn's shirt was blue, so I designed an awesome layout based on a specific piece of glittery blue floral paper.  Then I picked up the developed photo and learned that the shirt was actually purple and clashed horribly with the paper.  Aargh.  

I ended up chalking the paper to make it work. Unfortunately, when you chalk a glittery paper, you end up removing huge amounts of glitter. And the sharp glitter tears up the applicator / kleenex / cottonball that you use to apply the chalk. It took FOREVER just to get some hints of the right shade of purple on the paper. The left is the original paper, the middle shows it with sweeps of purple chalk, and the right shows the huge amount of glitter that ended up on my table instead of the paper where it belonged.


But the paper was only Problem 1.  The next problem was the pale blue bling-string (that's what I'm now deciding to call it).  It looked great with the blue paper but looked terrible once I chalked the paper purple.  Fortunately, the solution to this problem was faster and easier.  I added a tiny dot to the top of each rhinestone using a black sharpie.  Here's the side view (original on the left, dots added to the ones on the right):

Here's the exact same thing, but from the top view.  Amazing how adding one tiny dot of color to the tops changed the whole look.  Once I added it to the layout, it reflected some of the purple and totally worked with the page.

It was quite a relief when this layout finally came together!  In the end, I'm very happy with how it turned out.  If you'd like to see them, here are the other layouts I've done for Kylinn's 1st through 5th birthdays.

Happy 6th birthday, Kylinn!


  1. Loving how you changed the papers to match the photo!! These are beautiful!

  2. The layout looks super to me and I wouldn't have guessed you struggled with it. That would be an unhappy surprise to find the printed photo clashed with your intended paper. I think you had a great solution though. The matching card is a great idea!

  3. I'm with Izzy. I wouldn't have noticed that you struggled with this one at all. It's super pretty! I bet she absolutely loves it!


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