Homemade Find It

Are you familiar with the Find It toys (affiliate link)? They are awesome. I first learned about them about 4 years ago when my nephew was in the hospital and someone gave him one to pass the time. They're also great for the car, airplane, or waiting for an appointment. Trevor got this one as a belated birthday gift and we've all had great fun playing with it. 

When Trevor asked if we could make our own version, I immediately said yes. I found a clear plastic container and then searched the house for something that would work as filler. We decided to use buttons, but there are lots of other things that would work if you don't have a huge button collection like I do. Dried beans, rice, gravel, and macaroni would all be fine.  

The next step was finding small items to hide amongst the buttons. Between Trevor's toys and stuff from my craft room, it was easy to find enough objects. As we added items, we wrote them down on piece of scrap paper. Here's our completed Find It.

Did you find the pom pom, star, truck or friendship pin in that picture?  How about a pom pom, pony bead, skateboard, snake, bow, and fire truck in the next picture?
The last thing we did was type up our list of all the items we put in our Find It, which Trevor titled "Cool Collections."

Trevor hovered over the printer waiting for the list, grabbed it, and ran to have Daddy try to solve the Find It. After about 20 minutes of work, Steve found everything except the googly eye.

Trevor is so proud of his homemade Find It that he's been bringing it just about everywhere he goes. Here are Grandma and Grandpa solving it.


This was such a fun thing to make and I can't believe how many hours of enjoyment Trevor has gotten from it so far! We'll definitely be making more homemade Find Its in the future.


  1. Can't wait to make our own as well! Yours turned out so cute!

  2. Never seen this game here, but I like your home made one better!

  3. I'm going to have to make one for the quiet corner in my new preschool classroom! i never would have thought to use buttons for filler. Thanks once again for a most inspiring blog.

  4. That is an awesome idea! I bet my kids would love to make one of their own.


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