Fiskateers CCC Crop (Part 2)

Yesterday I showed you five of the sixteen projects I made for the recent Fiskateers crop. Here are some more!  

First up is the "Would It Really Be a Fiskateer Crop Without It?" challenge.  Fiskars is, of course, famous for their orange handled scissors, so every Fiskateer crop has some sort of orange challenge.  This time we needed to make something that was 50% orange, 30% green, and 20% some other color.  I used the same circle stamp as on the "Round" challenge to create this card. 

The "Getting Back to Basics" challenge was tough!  We were allowed to use nothing but cardstock, one sentiment stamp, one ink pad, and adhesive.  No patterned paper, no bling, no extra stamps to create patterns on the cardstock.  We could use whatever tools we wanted though, so I used my new Jenni Bowlin Scalloped Banner punch to create flower petals and a circle punch to make the flower center.  For the zillionth time, I realized how nice it would be to own a flower punch!   

The "Fabric Fun" challenge asked us to make something with fabric.  Not my forte, to say the least!  I found some plain white cotton scraps and spritzed them with mists.  When it was dry, I followed this tutorial to make fabric flags.

Then I used the rest of my fabric to make a butterfly card.  

The "Furry Friend" challenge asked us to use our favorite furry friend as inspiration for a bookmark.  I dug through my extra pictures of Trouble and chose one with his back turned.  I fussy cut him out and attached the picture to black cardstock.  I added a fluffy white tassel to go with his fluffy white cottontail. 

The "It's Hot Out There" challenge required us to make a project using one Fiskars tool and one Fiskars punch.  I used my paper trimmer and my heart squeeze punch to make this layout.

Tomorrow I'll show you more of the projects I made during the crop!


  1. These are all awesome Cindy!! I loveeeeeeeeee that bookmark!!

  2. Awwww Cindy! These are amazing cards, a cool bookmark, a neat flag,and a wonderful layout! Thanks for sharing them all with us!!!

  3. Ooooh....These are pretty amazing Cindy!

  4. You did such a great job with all of these. I especially like the creative twist on the Jenni Bowlin Scalloped Banner punch!


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