Cardboard Tube Aliens

I am a huge fan of crafting with toilet paper rolls. They are so versatile... and they're free! In the past year, Trevor and I have used toilet paper rolls to make bunnies, penguins, owls, gift card holders, and fall napkin rings. This time we used them to make aliens. Here's mine.

As I've mentioned before, I like having a craft project available when Trevor has a playdate, especially if I know that the friend enjoys art. I painted a bunch of toilet paper rolls with a variety of colors ahead of time, then gathered up paper scraps, googly eyes, foam shapes, pipe cleaners, scissors and glue. When Trevor's classmate Sophia came over to play, I set out the materials and gave the kids free reign to make whatever aliens they could imagine.  

Here's Trevor's first alien.  

He ended up making two more.

Sophia made a robot-inspired alien. 
And Sophia's big sister Bella made a 10-eyed alien.  

I love seeing how different they all are!


  1. Hehe....super fun and cute! :)

  2. Absolutely adorable, Cindy! I can't wait to try these with Anne!!! I know she will love making them, just like it looks like you, Trevor, Sophia, and Bella did!

  3. How fun!!!!! I just love these!!!! You are totally giving me ideas for Brookie's Bday party this year!!!!

  4. So cute, my preschoolers would love making these!!!


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