Kidding Around: Go to Your Room!

The 6th day of Kidding Around was called 'Go to your room!'  There were a lot of suggestions in the prompt.  We decided to draw our dream bedrooms on the left and sketch our favorite stuffed animals on the right.  We started with the stuffed animals.  Trevor has a HUGE collection, each special to him for a different reason.  He dug through them and chose three to sketch.

And here is his sketch.  He sketched in pencil, then used Prismacolor colored pencils to add color and texture.   
When he finished those, he got right to work designing his dream bedroom.  It has floor-to-ceiling shelves on all four walls.  Two of the walls hold stuffed animals and two hold books. There is a secret passageway under a rug that leads to a craft room with every possible craft item.  There's a blue bed with comfy green pillows.  There's a door on one wall that leads to a DS room that holds every possible video game.

Here are the animals I chose to sketch.  

And here's the sketch.  For the most part, I like how the animals came out.  The buffalo (Roam) was the most difficult by far.

I'm not as happy about the dream bedroom.  I felt rushed and left out some important things. Every time I drew the slightest thing, Trevor would question it, or ask if it was something Daddy would also want in his bedroom.  Since my dream bedroom does indeed include my husband, he had a valid point.  Steve loves books, so he would love having floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a comfy reading area, and I know he would have no problem with huge his-and-hers walk-in closets.  I put a door leading to a craft room on my side of the room and a door leading to an observatory on his side of the room.  Fortunately, this satisfied Trevor.

Have you ever tried to design your dream bedroom?  It's a fun exercise but much harder than it sounds!


  1. How fun!! LOVING how you drew your dream rooms!!! I would have a bay window/sitting area ... that has always been a dream!! :)

  2. Such a fun post! I thought I knew what I wanted in a dream bedroom, but I keep thinking of more and more things to add! LOL

  3. OOoohhh such a fun prompt! Yes, I agree designing my dream room would be so hard!!! I can think of things I would want but KNOW I would leave things out and would constantly be adding to it!
    Now you got me thinking... hmmmmm....

  4. I want Trevor's room! LOL The secret tunnel leading to a craft room with every possible craft supply and the bookshelves... That would make me very happy! You both did a great job!!!

  5. Yay, an observatory right off my bedroom! That's handy! Thanks! BTW, where does your secret passage go?

  6. How fun...love the secret passageway. :)

    I would want a secret room too. And a reading nook by the window and a balcony garden....

  7. Trevor is quite a good artist -- he draws so well! :) I want his room too LOL It's fun to dream about the dream bedroom :) Mine would be fairly close to ours now, but a little more spacious, with a much bigger bathroom... more windows maybe, a gas fireplace and French doors leading to the backyard garden. :)


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