Kidding Around: In Your Backyard

Day 9 of Kidding Around was called "In Your Backyard."  When Trevor and I started brainstorming what we liked to do together in the backyard, he mentioned picking fruits and vegetables. So we decided to make our pages about our backyard garden.

We went out to look at what was ripe, then started picking.  Here's Trevor with part of the day's harvest that would become our dinner:

I sliced, salted, and grilled the eggplant, then added the different types of tomatoes and some basil (also from the garden).  A sprinkling of cheese, a drizzle of oil and vinegar, and a dash of salt and pepper and it was perfect.  We ate it with a side of zucchini sauteed in butter.

After dinner, we worked on our pages.  Here's Trevor's.  He chose to draw a variety of things we grow, including ones that have finished producing, like the blueberries and artichoke.

Here's mine.  I just included the things that we've harvested in the past week, with a comment about each.

Do you have a summer garden?  What's in your garden this year? 


  1. Awesome!! LOVING what's in your garden!!!

  2. Hi, MOM! The veggies look delicious. Love the journal pages. Please tell my little brother that his page is awesome!

  3. The only thing that we are growing this year is an herb garden but I honestly have to say that we are really enjoying it. I made an simple but amazing rosemary chicken tonight. Nothing like fresh stuff from the garden. I love the way you all drew in the art journals.


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