Kidding Around: Bubble Prints (Fail)

Day 14 of Kidding Around was about bubbles, which included directions to do some bubble printing.  It looked really fun, so we gathered up the supplies: paper, bubble mix, food color, straws, and a tray.  

We poured bubble mix in the tray, added food color, and used the straw to make our bubbles. So far, so good.  But when we touched our paper to the bubbles, then gently pulled the paper away... nothing.  The bubbles popped and left behind a moist spot, but nothing like the samples. We added more color and tried again - still no good.  We tried a bunch of other things before finally laying the paper down in the bubble mix itself (which the instructions said explicitly NOT to do) and leaving it overnight to see what would happen.

Trevor was disappointed, of course, and suggested we do Marble Art instead (since it sounds sort of like Bubble Art).  So we did.

The next morning when we checked on our bubbles, we found that the paper was totally dry and had these interesting feather patterns all over it.  We glued our Bubble Art (such as it was) and our Marble Art into our journals.


Have any of you successfully done bubble prints?  I wish I knew where we went wrong! 


  1. I've never done it, but the bubble art sounds interesting. And, it looks pretty! :)

  2. I had to google it to see what bubble prints were supposed to look like. Everything I came across said to lay the paper on the frothy bubble mix - interesting that they said not to do that. I really like the way your bubble prints turned out, even though it might not have been what you planned.

    1. Our instructions said to touch the paper to the bubbles themselves, not to the liquid sitting beneath the surface of the bubbles. The bubbles would adhere to the paper, but when they popped, the resulting print was clear (as in, just a moist spot), not colored. When we completely submerged the paper (which popped the bubbles), that's when we got color.

  3. Hmmm...not so sure about bubble art, but marble art looks like a blast! Definitely gotta try that!

  4. I love the bold colours and effects of the marble art!

  5. I have not ever tried bubble art. I am sorry that it did not turn out like promised. But I think the subtle pattern would make a great background! And your marble art looks like it was so much fun to do!!!!!

  6. I look forward to seeing if you try again changing to the other ingredients that were in that article we talked about a few weeks ago. It looks like it should be a fun project... if it would work darn it! I think your marble art is awesome!! :)

  7. I tried the same thing on the weekend with the same disappointing results. We tried a few different combinations and concluded that it needs either a particular type of paint or a particular type of foaming agent (soap). Less water seemed to work best but still nothing like what we'd imagined. Will try marble art though!


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