My CHA Wishlist

It's that magical time of year... the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) summer tradeshow starts up today in Las Vegas!  Alas, I will not be attending.  But most of the major manufacturers have been posting sneak peeks (or even full reveals) on their blogs, which is the next best thing to being there.

Here's some of what's caught my eye so far:

Smarty Pants is my favorite of the many school-themed collections I've seen so far, but it's the Simple Basics pack that I absolutely love.  The A-sides all have composition book pattern, and the B-sides feature different types of papers, like binder paper, grid paper, and ledger paper.  The colors are fantastic.  I'm getting multiples of these for sure, as they are so incredibly versatile.

  • Queen & Co. Trendy Tape
Trevor has recently discovered my washi tape and is helping me use up my stash, so I feel justified in getting more.  And since I don't have any Christmas washi yet, these are particularly excellent to add to my collection.  I definitely want to wrap my Christmas gifts with washi tape this year.

They claim this line is "perfect for fall, summer, spring, camping, outdoors, indoors, boys, girls, ladies and gentleman."  You can't get much more versatile than that!  I can definitely see using it for a wide variety of subjects.  I love the color palette.

I need more Halloween supplies like I need a hole in my head, but I really like this collection.  With the exception of the spiderwebs, the B-sides are not themed, so it's pretty easy to justify getting this since I can use it for non-Halloween occasions.

If I don't need Halloween paper, then I REALLY don't need Christmas paper.  But I can justify getting the Simple Basics and the Fundamental and Expression Cardstock Stickers from this collection.  This is my favorite of this year's Christmas collections.

This is my #1 must-have.  I love the colors, love the patterns, and I especially love the dots/stripe Simple Basics.  While this collection is obviously Disney-inspired, it isn't heavily themed and can be used for all sorts of other topics.  

Simple Stories is the big CHA winner for me so far.  They haven't been on my radar all that long, but with collections like these and Take a Hike, they are rapidly becoming my favorite paper manufacturer. So far, I haven't seen any must-have tools or gadgets, but I'll be keeping my eyes open over the next few days!

What are your CHA-Summer must-haves?


  1. Loveeeeeeeee these!! You know I love Bo Bunny and Bella Blvd. ... those are some of my faves!!!

  2. That last collection is tops on my list too! I love your picks. This year I'm going to have to buy more Christmas paper. I'm running out!

  3. I saw the Simple Stories Say Cheese and LOVED it!!! Also, hadn't thought of using washi tape on packages! Awesome idea!!

  4. Wish I could go!!!!! I love what you posted, cindy! I think my fav of your favs is the "Say Cheese" collection!

  5. These are super choices! SS Smarty Pants is definitely on my radar. I might have squealed when I saw it! I have been looking for a versatile Halloween collection that's not just orange black and cream. I do like Bella B's a lot. But then I saw that October Afternoon has a line coming out (sometime) called Treasure Map that has pirates. Eeeeeee! It could be Halloweeny if your kid was a pirate. Mine was! So I have my eye on that. I agree with the FP line. Happy Go Lucky is so cute.

  6. Simple Stories is really suited for your CAS style. I haven't actually checked out the CHA sneaks yet...

  7. I'm so not surprised that you like this manufacturer! :) I'm so glad to see a trend back towards simple scrapbooking. Only thing I have on my must have right now is actually a tool - the new magnetic platform for the Big Shot, it's AWESOME for the thin dies!! :)


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