Bunny Einstein

Last week, our family celebrated the 2nd anniversary of Trouble's adoption from Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue.  Best decision ever.  We absolutely adore that rabbit.

Back in April, I saw a cool "Bunny Einstein" toy on Rabbit Ramblings.  It seemed like the perfect Adoption Day gift for Trouble.  The next time we visited my parents, my dad helped Trevor build one. We set it on the counter and waited two long months for Adoption Day.

Each of the handles opens to reveal a recessed area where you can hide your bunny's favorite treat.
Here's what happened when we gave Trouble his new toy.

Needless to say, he loves it!  Next time we'll give it to him on the carpet though - poor bunny is sliding all over the place on the hardwood floors.  Fun fact: rabbits don't have pads on their feet. They have thick hair that provides cushioning but no traction!  


  1. Loving the gift you got him!! The video is marked private ... so I will try it again later :)

    1. Sorry about that - it was the first time I tried adding a video via YouTube. It should be fixed now.

  2. So cute! Although he seemed a bit upset that there was only one little treat in each spot! LOL!

  3. Very cute! I love that your Dad was able to help Trevor make it.

  4. OH wow!!! That is too cool! I'm fascinated by Trouble, I'm so used to my dogs ... and doubt they are half as smart as your bunny, LOL! :) This is awesome. I didn't know that about their feet, either - so interesting!

  5. Oh now that is too cool!! He's a very smart bunny!

  6. Trouble is so smart! I love watching videos of him :) Happy 2 years Trouble!!!


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