Kidding Around: If I Were a Superhero...

Day 15 of Kidding Around asked us to imagine we were given three wishes and to write about it. Trevor said he wished he had three new stuffed animals.  I explained that the wishes could be anything; it didn't necessarily mean what three items are on your birthday wishlist.  I tried to get him to think bigger.  "Maybe one wish could be that you could have every stuffed animal you've ever wanted," I said.  But it was no use.  He was stuck on three particular stuffed animals he wanted and he was not especially inspired to write about them.  We set our journals aside.

I spent some time thinking about my three wishes.  Do I wish for peace and harmony around the world, an end to all disease and suffering, and eternal life for all?  Sounds good!  Or, do I make it less global and wish for good health, happiness and long life for my loved ones? Hmm... that sounds good too.  Do I need to be more realistic?  More selfish?  Less selfish?  More something else?   

Suddenly, a thought popped into my head.  I've always said that if I were a superhero, I would be Weather Girl, with the ability to change the weather.  No more rained-out trips or blistering outdoor weddings.  No more devastating flooding or droughts.  No more scary drives in fog or blinding storms. Surely there are two other superpowers I'd want?  I definitely want to be able to teleport.  I HATE traveling.  Not the actual being somewhere else part, but the getting there and getting home part.  I would teleport everywhere if it were possible.  And then there's the health thing I'd thought about earlier.  I'd be the superhero who would cure disease, starting with cystic fibrosis and continuing on through cancer, IBS, diabetes, and every other illness and condition.

I dug out the Wonder Bunny costume as inspiration, got out some blue cardstock and cut out three capes.  I punched yellow circles and layered one on each cape, then colored letter stickers red and added one to each circle.  Trevor, who'd been playing with Legos, watched with great interest.  He had his own ideas of what his superpowers would be and got right to work on his capes.  Here's Trevor's finished page.  Notice that he wrote his title on washi tape.  He just can't get enough of it!

Here's my page.  I'm happy with how it turned out.

 What three superpowers would you choose?


  1. I love the superhero capes! I think it would be hard to choose from all of the amazing possible super powers.

  2. Wow ... hard to think about ... first thing that comes to mind are my favorite superheros - Batman and Iron Man - both are infinitely weathy and smart enough to design all their cool toys, but then it occured to me that they don't have "powers" such as Superman or Storm or even Hulk ... I will have to give this some more though ... :)

  3. I love this. If I was weather girl, I would make this afternoon cool and dry and take 20 kids outside to play. But since I have no such powers this will make a great indoor activity if we get rained out!

  4. Interesting...I don't mind the travelling part actually...but teleporting would be cool and save lots of time!

    If I had one wish, I wish that everyone in the world were selfless. People are very self-absorbed these days...

  5. Love the little capes you both made!! I think that teleporting would be awesome too... good choices for your super powers! :)


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