Kidding Around: Lemonade

Day 7 of Kidding Around asked us to make lemonade and write about the experience.  My parents have a prolific lemon tree and we get lemons every time we see them, so making our own lemonade is nothing special for Trevor.  Hmm... what could we do that featured lemonade but would still be unique and memorable for Trevor?

How about adding a squirt of sno-cone syrup to our fresh lemonade, like they do at the county fair?!  We love getting flavored lemonades at the fair.  No reason we couldn't make our own! Our family is a bit obsessed with doing taste tests and food competitions (which you can read about hereherehereherehere, and here), so I thought it would be fun to make a bunch of different lemonades and have a taste test.

We dug through our stash of sno-cone syrups and chose 5: Torani Raspberry, Flav-Or-Ice Blue Raspberry, Jelly Belly Tangerine, Torani Vanilla, and Torani Mandarin Orange.  This was the first time we got the sno-cone syrups out after March's memorable experience with root beer sno-cone syrup...  *shudder*

Trevor and I got out six cups each.  We made some fresh lemonade and put an equal amount into each cup.  Then we added one squirt of each sno-cone syrup to the first 5 cups, leaving the 6th as plain lemonade.

The we tasted each, one by one.  We ranked each on a scale of 0-10 (10 is best) and made a chart.

My top two favorites were the raspberry lemonade (which I'm choosing next time we're at the fair) and the tangerine lemonade.  Trevor's top two favorites were the mandarin orange lemonade and the blue raspberry lemonade.  We were both pleasantly surprised by how good the vanilla lemonade was.  Neither of us had high hopes for it.

Afterward we'd cleaned up, we headed upstairs to work on our journals.  We used lemon halves and acrylic paint in the colors of our lemonades to stamp on the paper. 

Trevor added the scorecard to his page.

I journaled on mine.

Everything about this activity, from making the lemonades, to tasting them, to doing the art project was so much fun!


  1. So fun!! LOVING your journal pages on this project!!!

  2. Yum! I'm loving how creative you guys are getting with the prompts.

  3. Ooohhhh my mouth was puckering when I read this! LOL!
    Love the lemonade art; lemons make great stamps!

  4. Cute!! I really love raspberry lemonade! And strawberry lemonade!

  5. Loving this post. You are such a cool mom. I am jealous of Trevor. Will you be my mommy (even though I am old enough to be your mommy?

  6. I would just drink it plain! I love fresh lemonade. The lemon painted paper is just too cool!

  7. How fun! Looks like a great summer camp activity...

  8. You guys have the most fun mommy and son activities! I wouldn't mind trying out the lemonades!

  9. You have me wanting to do taste test with my family, Cindy! We love snow cones, and raspberry lemonade sounds like it would be my favorite. And the fact that you have fresh lemons all the time is awesome! I love the lemon stamped paper journaling pages you made, too!

  10. How fun!! We love making lemonade around here. Brian actually makes flavored lemonade by adding the real fruit... fresh strawberries and fresh raspberries are the favorite around here! :) And those journaling pages are awesome!! Love that you added an art project :)


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