Kidding Around: Halfway

Trevor and I are halfway through our Kidding Around class and it has been great fun so far!  The prompt for the halfway point was to invent an animal that is half one thing and half another and write about it.  

Trevor made a creature that is half rabbit (of course) and half dragon.  He called his character Rabbigon.  I'd interpreted the assignment to mean that our critter should have a mix of characteristics from both parent animals, while Trevor interpreted the assignment to make a critter that is literally half of one thing and half of another.   
While he loved doing the drawing, Trevor grumbled and complained about doing the writing. Writing is his absolute least favorite thing to do and the only subject at school that does not come easily and naturally for him.  He made no effort to spell words correctly or to elaborate about Rabbigon.  I let it go.  This class is for fun, so any writing he does for the class is better than no writing at all.

I chose to invent a Giraffapus.  I love how he turned out.  

I amused myself by listing his predators as lionfish and tiger sharks.  I realized later that I should have said leopard sharks, since tigers don't eat giraffes.  Oh well.


  1. So FUN!! I love both your made up animals!!

  2. Madison is the same way! She is great at using her imagination and telling stories and drawing but when it comes to writing, oooohhhh she hates it! It doesn't come easy for her either, which is hard for me to deal w/ because it is a subject I've always been really good at! So good job "letting it go" I think Madison and I would have would up fighting about it! LOL!
    Cute animals, both of them!
    I'm really loving yours though because it reminds me of something that would be running along side a unicorn in a pretty fairy tale land!

    1. We fight about it all the time - just not this particular time. :)

  3. So cute, and what a great activity!

  4. How fun. I want to do this with my grandchildren. I think they will enjoy it.

  5. Oooooh...I love your giraffapus...it looks adorable! :)


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