Kidding Around: Tourist in Your Own Town

Day 11 of Kidding Around asked us to be tourists in our own town.  We live in Fairfield, CA, which has one major tourist attraction: the Jelly Belly Factory.  We were there three weeks ago when friends came to visit from Colorado, so it didn't make sense for us to go there again so soon (even though it is completely awesome).  Instead, we decided to check out the black light mini golf at Driven Raceway.  We hadn't been to Driven Raceway yet since Trevor doesn't meet the minimum height to drive their karts, but mini golf is open to everyone.

He was really excited to go through the curtains and check it out. 
It was so cool in there!

These pictures don't quite capture it.  It was much darker than it appears in the pictures and the colors far more vibrant.  It was very challenging since it was too dark to aim unless you were right near your target, but that was half the fun.

It's a 9-hole course and we were encouraged to play as many rounds as we wanted.  We played two rounds.  Both of us improved on the second round since we knew where we were aiming! 

When we got home, we glued our scorecards onto the left-hand side of our journal and wrote about our experience.  On the right-hand side, we did a "Best of Fairfield," listing our favorite restaurants, parks, and other attractions.

Here's Trevor's:

And here's mine:

What a fun day!  Visiting Driven Raceway and doing the "Best of Fairfield" page helped us appreciate that we have so many wonderful destinations where we live.


  1. Ohhhhhh I wanna go there!!! How FUN!!!!! Loving the pics!!!

  2. How fun! It's so cool that you have Trevor journaling all these adventures.

  3. I think it looks like an amazing time, Cindy!!! I love your journal pages, too!


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