Pinewood Derby, 2013

I teased our 2013 Pinewood Derby cars awhile back... three derbies and one fair later, here they are!  Trevor made a mouse....

I made a rabbit...

Steve made a streamlined green car.

Trevor raced his car in three different Pinewood Derbies (Pack, District, and county fair) and finished in the middle of the group all three times.  But he hadn't designed his car for speed... he'd designed it to be adorable, which it is.  The judges at the fair thought so too.  Look, Judges' Favorite!

Here's the proud woodworker!

This has nothing to do with Pinewood cars, but I had to show off another proud woodworker. This is my 12-year old nephew, Timothy.  My dad has been teaching him woodworking for years and he has made some amazing things.  This year, his USA intarsia got both Best of Show and Judges' Favorite.

We're already looking forward to Pinewood Derby 2014!


  1. Wow!!! Awesome on those awards!!! CONGRATS to the boys!!!

  2. These are all completely adorable! HUGE congrats to both of the boys on their awards.

  3. how cute are those cars! congrats

  4. You are one talented family. Amazing work!

  5. Big congrats to them for their awards! I love their cars, and I love yours, too, Cindy!


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