The Importance of a Brand Palette

Are you familiar with brand palettes? A brand palette consists of the colors (typically 3-5) that a brand uses for their logo, as well as for marketing materials, like a website or print advertisements. A brand palette helps establish whether that brand is serious or whimsical, upscale or affordable, simple or high-tech, for kids or for adults. This article does an outstanding job talking about the importance of color choice in logos. 

I recently discovered brandpalettes.com/ and thought it would be fun to take a single category and look at the different brand palettes of seven major companies. Each of the brand palettes below are for well-known soft drinks. Can you identify them?

Here are the answers:

C. Sunkist
D. Pepsi
E. Fanta
F. Sprite

How many did you get correct? Were some easier than others? Do you have a favorite palette? I think it's fascinating that some palettes look more refreshing and appeal to me than more others and they match up pretty well with my preferred sodas.

More on brand palettes, as well as brand kits, tomorrow. 


  1. I got F & G right away as I drink Dt. Mtn. Dew, and Brookie drinks Sprite ;)

  2. Haha...I know none probably because I don't drink any soft drinks!


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