Tissue Paper Stained Glass

I put my huge stash of crumpled tissue paper I've rescued from gifts to good use and made faux stained glass. You can't even tell that the tissue paper wasn't pristine! This is how it looks flat on the table...

... and this is how it looks in the window with the evening sun shining through. Affiliate links below. 

Tissue Paper Stained Glass



Cut a piece of clear contact paper that is twice the size of a piece of black construction paper. Set it aside. 

Use the trimmer to cut out the center of the black construction paper, leaving a frame. Cut the center portion into strips. 

Peel the lining off half of the contact paper and place the construction paper frame on the sticky side. 

Arrange the black strips on the frame, pressing down to secure them in position. 

Trim off the overhanging black strips. Then cut pieces of tissue paper to fit into each of the empty spaces. I found that the easiest way was to cut a piece that was slightly too large, smooth it onto the contact paper, then use the scissors to cut away any excess. 

Continue until you've filled all the spaces. Remove the liner from the other half of the contact paper and fold it over. Smooth everything, then trim off any excess contact paper. Hang your artwork in the window and enjoy!


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