Construction Paper Walrus

I was going through my alphabetical list of kids crafts and noticed that I have animals for every letter except I, V, W, and X. So I made a walrus. At some point, I'll add an iguana (ibis? impala?), vulture (vole?), and x-ray fish (xeme?). 

Construction Paper Walrus


  • construction paper (brown, white)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue


Start by cutting a walrus body, snout, back flipper, and two front flippers from brown construction paper. (Fun facts: Young walruses are deep brown, turning cinnamon-colored as they age. Older walruses can become nearly pink. Because the blood vessels in their skin constrict in cold water, walruses can look almost white when swimming.)

Use the colored pencil to add eyes. Then draw wrinkly lines along the contours of the body and flippers. Draw nostrils and whiskers on the snout. 

Cut two pointy tusks from white construction paper. Glue them behind the snout, then glue the snout to the face. Glue the back flipper behind the body and the front flippers to the front of the body. (My walrus changed color not because of aging, but because I took photos of the craft in progress and scanned the finished walrus. But it's fun to pretend it's due to aging.)

I enjoyed reading all sorts of walrus fun facts. They're really interesting and unique animals.


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